Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Just A Kiss Away

And which witch are you?
What blood line do you follow?
Did you hang from the gallows?
Did you mourn in uncertain sorrow?
Thoughts not clear of tomorrow?
Did you wear your sister's garter?
I met you on a beach in the south.
Under a cloudy moon and hard
ocean winds we finally got some
shelter and hid from your mother
- our bodies pressed tight together -
Your long red hair and angel mouth
I always dreamed of you in the north
The hard cool winds blowing from the lake
The soft white snow like a dove and our love
Moving to the mountains of center county
was a gift of the four seasons and corners and race
In communion I tasted your nature and didn't waste
Hallelujah I'm forgiven and forgotten by your curls
But I'll never forget you - But I'll forgive me too
All the moments that were magic I had with you
All the songs I can sing on angel's wings are due
And in one moment it comes from our collided worlds
(written 2:50 a.m. november 7, 2008)
Best of the Roses,
John French
p.s. fuck you if you don't get = i don't fucking care

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