Saturday, August 17, 2019

"Tragic Animals" _ August 2019 new poem

*Tragic Animals

Creatures of the night 
Practicing in the day
In the heat of lights shinning bright
They had something to say
People loved to hear them play 
It’s as much about statistics 
As it is the nature of the game 
Sex, drugs & rock n roll
Can really take a toll
You got high because you got sad
Not thinking about it like a dad
A shotgun blast above the garage
Or passing on in rehab 
Wolves howl at the moon
For all of us who leave too soon
A wolf howling at the sky
Don’t you know, don’t you know 
You’re a shooting star passing by

John Conte August 2019

For "BUDDY" (Greg Erhard). Buddy came up with the title for it and was the inspiration to create such a poem based on an intellectual musicologist conversation we've been having

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