Monday, October 24, 2016

Lessons Learned 2016: President HRC

When you want to see someone arrested and locked up in prison so badly that's pretty much all of your focus, things get blurred and it's not governing. ...and it exposes emotions over logic and that needing to feel morally superior over others is a form of crazy (add a crowd and a propagandist and the roof is on fire and there's no water) ...

The GOP will become a bunch of extinct dinosaurs if it doesn't start producing more realistic candidates that are politicians based in today's realities = fiscally conservative and socially more progressive.

The pitch fork & torches riled up by outrageous rhetoric for flash mob short term moral superiority satisfaction needs to be directed better to refocus and broaden the lens looking at the reality of the landscape and how to navigate it with winning leaders that are able to adapt to sands of time shifting and blowing in the wind like paper and fire.

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