Friday, September 16, 2016

Ques. For Senator Sanders: Meet the new everyday media

Ques. For Senator Sanders: Meet the new everyday media 

Senator Sanders, the world we live in today is a different day so I am trying to communicate with you in the new everyday media because apparently the old media has not gotten this presidential 2016 cycle right at all and are not asking the right questions to the right people.

Could it be that HRC's campaign has gone through bumpy times and right now currently seems to be driving a 1992 convertible Mercedes filled fresh eggs in a basket of [redacted] on an infamous pot-hole ridden road in Pittsburgh only locals really know because Bernie Sanders really should be the democratic candidate for president Vs. Trump this 2016? ... Especially right before these important impending results of the Clinton Vs. Trump debates?

(In a real karma way like that that still hugs the air of the lungs in South Chicago where prisoners of the Civil War were so maliciously greeted by the evil of man, men, war, soldiers, politicians?) 

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