Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"Mario Lemieux is My Best Friend" reality TV pitch

This morning on WDVE Pittsburgh producers were on the air with the everyday morning crew announcing that they are looking for Pittsburgh people who are characters to do the next big thing in reality TV.
They want Pittsburgh people everywhere to pitch them an idea.

So in 5minutes with time to sip my La Prima coffee I wrote this pitch and emailed in it to DVE (although I don't want my own reality tv show nor do I want to be on a reality tv show so this is not written for me):

This character has just enough access to a circle outside the inner circle of Mario Lemieux & family that the viewer does get a good glimpse at Mario & his family

However it's kinda a little mysterious as to why the deal is never really closed whereas Mario or his family's really never direct exclusively is seen interacting with character "Mario's my best friend" ... But the confidence of the character & the authority in which it's filmed within the handlers, hanger-ons, assistants, chefs, drivers, lesser players, country clubs, hockey rings, wine stores, paddle tennis tournaments, etc. the viewer is so enamored with this access they are already hooked on the voyeurism that the credibility of the character doesn't actually get questioned.

Turmoil drama sometimes seems to rock it though every once in a while when the inner circle of Mario & sometimes Mario himself looks out from within like "what the hell are you crazy person & support friends of hers (or I mean his) doing?!" ... And some of the verbals from the Mario camp caught on camera towards character sometimes seems to may even sink in yet the character always finds excuses for herself and lies her way out of it (that they are really just stalking & spying and all sorts of crazy) ... Character is always able to convince herself she's in the inner circle and in return always able to manipulate support characters, Thus, the viewers continue to be manipulated and hang on to too

(Kinda like a Bowfinger starring Eddie Murphy)

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