Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful for ThanksGivingDay Family Memories: my Family Tree Flashback 2007

This was our annual ThanksGivingDay I had the pleasure of knowing on an annual basis for many years at the Pittsburgh Athletics Association (PAA) in Oakland
at the University of Pittsburgh
in a private room with its own bar
= = =
thanks to my great Aunt Helen
                                          me with my upper east side cousins Michael & Matthew
                                     (well Michael flew in from his place Monaco) for ThanksGiving

                                          Michael & Matthew's mom Joan

                                             Michael with my great Aunt Helen of Squirrel Hill
                                   (Joan's mother and Michael & Matthew's grandmother)

                                         me w/ Aunt Helen's daughter Bette, her husband Richard
                                                    and their two boys
                                                           My upper west side cousins
                                             far left my sister Alane & he son Zach, always looking
at the camera and smiling sister Maureen, my mom seated in blue w/ her cape and
                                              my father seated on the right
                                                (I have six siblings who were all present)
while these memories are being created it may feel like they are lasting forever and will be forever but these times are unique and very special, sacred times not to be taken for granted. ..
                                                                   because like it or not new traditions come in

At the time I was working on a #newmedia project including a collection of poems for an e-book for called
EveryDay There's Something 2008

Best of the Roses,
john alan conte jr.
the new everyday media

BIGnewEdayMedia coming soon to (featuring original poetry & top hottest of new everyday media 2014)

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