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does the "New Coke" strategy to demand "Old Coke" still apply? old vs. new

with everyone wanting and thinking they need the next new new thing


--- does the "New Coke" strategy to demand "Old Coke" still apply?

on April 23, New Coke was launched with fanfare, including prime-time TV ads. Company Chairman Roberto C. Goizueta proclaimed New Coke “smoother, rounder yet bolder,” speaking of it more like a fine wine than a carbonated treat.

But public reaction was overwhelmingly negative; some people likened the change in Coke to trampling the American flag.

Sounding retreat Soon people were hoarding cases of the old stuff. In June 1985, Newsweek reported that savvy black marketeers sold old Coke for $30 a case. A Hollywood producer, giving an old vintage its proper respect, reportedly rented a wine cellar to hold 100 cases of the old Coke.

On July 11, Coca-Cola yanked New Coke from store shelves. “We did not understand the deep emotions of so many of our customers for Coca-Cola,” said company President Donald R. Keough.
New Coke thus joined rabbit jerky, clear beer and the eight-track tape in the pantheon of marketing goofs, products that seemed like good ideas at the time.

Old Vs. New marketing?

Is it really old or really new? and is senior management just messing with you?

Can QB's who are rumored to leave town use that one now with Manning out of the Colts & buck'n with the Broncos of mile high Denver?

Do I want my old QB in Pittsburgh or do I want to see another champion QB for the Steelers?

Can QB's build & sustain brand loyalty today through #NewMedia?

Roethlisberger responded Friday on WDVE-FM.
"First of all, how does anybody know what I'm doing at home, when I'm watching film or I'm looking through my playbook at home, unless someone's got cameras set up in my house and they're spying on me?" Roethlisberger said. "But then they'd see the truth that I am doing that stuff."

Bill Clinton says we should be able to keep our old health care plans.

                                     Bill Clinton: Let consumers keep existing health coverage

Obama Says If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep It. For Real This Time

Admitting that "the roll-out has been rough so far," President Obama on Thursday morning announced that his administration is giving insurance companies a one-year grace period on cancelling policies. As for It won't be perfect on December 1, either. "Buying health insurance is never going to be like buying a song on iTunes."


Old Perspectives,
Old Perception,
Old Media

the old media propaganda in bed with old political agendas


i'm curious if had sponsorship when used to explain new rules of recreational marijuana use in the state
Seattle Police Dept. @SeattlePD       
The answer is no. We used funding to purchase the 1000 bags of from

#NewMediaMatters: an everydayart

Thank you for answer! Brilliant planning & PR! Wonder what PR guru thinks?

Old Media

Old media’s painful lesson: digital consumers are the new masters

The recession has rocked the traditional media ivory towers and, even though internationally advertising is showing signs of a return to growth, the traditional pillars of media are now at the mercy of a potent new force: the digitally empowered consumer.

But sometimes old media is cool ...

There's nothing like listening to the needle scratch of an album being played on a turn table


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