Thursday, October 10, 2013

Coffee Thoughts: Confessions



I did not
do it.

So many people along the road
have given me a copy of
"The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"
but I never read them or even started it.


It's been that way with me and especially
then when it was important to me to develop
my own voice as a poet, as a person and
try and transcend and progress as a be-ing.
Therefore, whether a film, book or band
there came a time when I realized to be
a salmon swimming up stream against the
current that I had to share the pop of the
moment but avoid being part of that burst
which oft leaves people empty & unhappy.

I was like that with the band Rusted Root
which I dig very much still to this day as
they continue to tour two decades later. I
have even told this to the lead singer Mr.
Michael Glabicki. Just couldn't jump on
the band wagon because PennState frat
brats were diggin' on them + Phish.
It took me a while but once I saw them
under a blanket of stars in the early 90's
on the lawn of Penn State Uni = I knew.

But, yeah, despite being considered a very
cool guy and "Zen like" #peaceful #calm
I have never read that book. I guess advice
like "if everyone was jumping off a bridge
would you have to too to be one of them?"
That stuck with me and along those lines
+ a doctor teaching me existential philosophy
101 I thought it would be better as an

Then reading case law and writing briefs
in "Individual & Minority Rights" I figured
I was really better off reading that than
"The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" during
my college years = proving me well in my life.

Sorry, I didn't read your book.

Best of the Roses,
john alan conte jr.
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