Monday, September 23, 2013

"Voices of Vinyl" _ a new poem for you

Voices of Vinyl

Before they could speak

Drums played an enchanted dance

Feet and hands slapping that basic instinct programmed in the

Warm cavern of a modern-day skull; vibrations of stars. Rotation of

Earth and its gravitational field, forces of light and momentum

The patterns make their way into the darkened night and we hear

Sad and lonely voices of cotton fields in a beautiful bayou morning after an

intense crimson dusk ... Hey thanks for being an inspiration

How's things where you are? Here’s what’s going on here? You hear?

Listeners learn to react with empathy as the velvet satin sounds of singing

Moan on A.M.

Hooked like a sea perch and eaten in the same delicate fashion not in vain

Timelessness knows it can rest its weary head in the bosom of progress

me 1984 @ 14yrs

Pittsburgh – Morning – 9/23/13

John Alan Conte Jr. & the new everyday media

BIGnewEdayMedia 2014

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