Thursday, August 22, 2013

couple asked to take our pic @ Nemacolin so they could send to friends = OK, sure & thanks for asking!...

So we were just having some cocktails outside Chateau Lafayette at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and this couple walked by and must have been #happy to see us as they asked if they could take a picture of us (just as is) to send to a friend.

Sure enough the obviously self-made gentleman snapped a pic and then dictated into his phone, "look, this couple actually takes their dog on vacation and instead of a kennel the dog is staying with them in their suite a Chateau Lafayette!"

                                                            John, Deanna & Parker Bean
                                                 Chateau Lafayette at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort
                                                                               August 20, 2013

I liked this guy and his straight forward no-nonsense approach. I asked him if he would email me the pic and he did.

Deanna seems a little taken back or embarrassed or something, huh? I was in my element and am used to people taking my picture = grateful this guy was kind enough to ask me (unlike the government and its independent contractors. .. hahaha).

This guy left an impression upon me too and I was glad he emailed me so I could Google his name:
Joel Norwood, President of the Norwood & Associates, Inc.. 

I have been involved in real estate and general consulting since 1979. I am licensed in DC, Maryland, and Virginia and have extensive experience in both residential and commercial leasing, sales and property management. 

By the way, I am drinking Four Roses small batch bourbon on the rocks with a splash of soda and Deanna is drinking Hendrix Gin up with cucumber. Parker Bean is drunk from lots of play with new friends such as Crosby at the Wooflands Pet Resort on the property.

+ Entry from my journal Aug 20th 2013: Good thing I'm not too shy... @ Nemacolin Woodlands Resort before spa services yesterday I was catching a steam & whirlpool in men's area & buck naked I'm turning on jacuzzi jets & a hot woman opens the door! Wow! So today when the locker room attendants greeted me I proudly relayed the error & asked if they could replicate it. (Haha). Having fun here = good times

+ Entry from my journal Aug 22nd 2013: Rather than saying Deanna & I got some of the money back from Joe & Maggie Hardy we spent on vacationing at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort by winning at Nemacolin's Lady Luck Casino, let's just say Joe & Maggie Hardy "Comp'd" us some real #goodstuff. ..

Feedback for Nemacolin Woodlands spa at
Dear Nemacolin,

Alec is seriously and uniquely gifted.

I only accept massage & services from females as men are so competitive with each other I just would never allow myself to relax and trust that a male masseuse would have my best interest. Women are natural nurturers and I always feel more comfortable and relaxed with them touching me and working on me. Moreover, I just feel that with a woman working on me = it's in the spirit of Ying & Yang.

However my service with Alec blew my theory & my practice of "female only" out-the-window.
Alec performed the most sophisticated service on me that I have ever had.
His intuition, knowledge, energy & techniques are unrivaled.

I felt relaxed, safe & secure and let myself go to trust him and was rewarded with a certain "healing" I have been seeking for some time now.

No only did Alec identify and extract problem areas but he relieved me from a few anxieties & paranoia = leaving me to feel whole & complete, balanced in energies, calm & weightless like an eagle soaring above the Laurel Highlands sky blue sky.

I am now an Alec fan just like Mrs. Palumbo. And, I definitely want to do the Kila Body Work with him again.

Kila Body Work (110 min) - $295  

Take the time to experience a powerful massage that combines Russian, Swedish and Eastern body work with healing energy techniques. This deep tissue massage opens the joints, works out the kinks and helps to heal injury with unique stretches, trigger point therapy and acupressure. A Woodlands Spa exclusive!

Best of the Roses,
john alan conte jr.
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