Sunday, April 21, 2013

Open Letter to Eric Holder & Janet Napolitano: Adjusting Focus of Law Enforcement

The Blackberry I just gave up for an iPhone 5 is so antiquated, outdated and barely functional compared to iPhone 5 that's been making great enhancements with each of its generations of iPhone product - truly changing with the times and exactly where it needs to be for the here & now for its users.

Let’s compare that to law enforcement and anti-terror methods & measures.

Actually, I just want to say, the public should be made aware of all the Boston law enforcement on marijuana detail for the past 2 years - all the cost for resources (ranging from administrative cost, equipment cost, surveillance cost, paying informants, man power, investigations, raids, busts, cost for detainment, court costs, prison costs) - and then have the choice to continue with that route or take all of those resources for marijuana detail and put them to use in a more efficient and effective law enforcement focus on preventing those with intent to create victims.

Concerned U.S. Citizen (tax payer)
P.S. It's much much safer to be blown away by #bongs than by crazy ideologists and their bombs  


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