Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Predictions 2013

Predictions 2013

Well, this is just awesome.

What I’ve learned from the past few years I can use to help predict as experience and not just some fancy pants intuition. If you’re going to predict on a somewhat visited blog w/ a peahen mention of a GMA ego manic co-host for the weekend & its way crazy ego driven husband w/ a questionable past of various relationships involving impregnating prominent women for social & economic climbing to maybe try and bring fair credibility to his wanton financial & economic status of being viewed as a concrete master & guru of both within democratic party politics & its big corporate brethren = well you better be able to take any heat from connections of WhiteHouse Peter O & GMA Biana G are gonna throw @ you when you openly announce being holed-up playing guitar relaxing @ the Georgetown Ritz-Carlton by the river off the main-drag of commercial Georgetown dressed in original authentic & organic faded Levis & an organic cotton tee which read “We Belong to the Earth, Earth does not Belong to us – Chief Seattle” and a ShadyBrady Northern California straw hat (@$250.00). Moreover, better be able to take the heat all-the-way home. ..and pass the slanderous inquisitions which people who hate you for having a perfect dream life they wanna use to cut you like a knife like with inner jagged thrusts of the justice system.

So, if you’re gonna do a publicity ballsy publicity stunt = Well, you better hope your colonoscopy comes out clean (and you’re true, good friends really do love you and find it effortless to describe your good, genius & character). ..

Best of the Roses but not rose colored glasses,

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