Sunday, October 21, 2012

Alchemist’s Daughter

Alchemist’s Daughter: Princess Smiling Faces

“I don’t know. She was always trying to like dissect the elements

That made her up and rearrange them to turn her into someone –

Lets say someone with an ending process of chromosomes that nobody’s

Ever seen before. I mean, it wasn’t like she tried to shit gold but maybe silver.

But yet again she was never a traitor of her own spirit – she was a champion.

I was jealous of her. But I had no intent to kill her or see her killed or harmed.”

Almost all of us wish we were a little younger than who we are --- DNA defiant
A paradox is revealed in that the ultimate price for youth is often death. Choose.
So stay in that Ying & Yang and walk that fine line of it so you don't catch cancer.
And God Bless You and "may the force be with you" if you do. Prayers. Meditation.
Love, like a friend from Millvale, Penna. says, "let's hate cancer with all of our hate."
Written Sunday October 21, 2012
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