Thursday, March 1, 2012

Like It Or Not: Andrew Breitbart, Internet Provocateur, Dies at 43

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Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld are on the money here w/ Andrew bringing moderate republicans into a platform that would amplify their thoughts, lives and ideas that are, well, OK, and just as deserving to be heard in arenas that have the eyes of the world upon them whether in Georgetown, West L.A., Austin, TX, Pittsburgh, PA or NYC. And all the while "just doing it" for the more right conservatives and not asking for permission before they really even could realize the counter culture (swimming salmon) affect taking place and percolating --- new media like that of the spirit of "taxation w/ out representation" . ..Agree or disagree w/ the politics I believe his new media path and contributions negate paltry politics of a Georgetown cocktail party. This "is" something way bigger ablaze. ..No shutting the dooR now that it's been blown open wide.Greg articulated it all so well in Americasnewsroom w/ Martha this a.m. ... "He has a powerful legacy and will be remembered as a legend."And while lighting candles as I do @ dusk everyday aware of the energy around, I remembered Andrew, an illuminating figure agree or disagree w/ the point of view of politics.
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