Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Rolling Stones Before They Make Me Run San Diego 1994

This is about the Rock and Roll lifestyle that got Keith Richards in trouble. The song was recorded while he was out on bail after getting caught with heroin and arrested for drug trafficking in Toronto in 1977. He was found guilty of the lesser charge of heroin possession, and sentenced to probation.Richards sang lead and did the majority of the work on this song. With Keith's drug charges pending, Mick Jagger took a lot of control on the album, but this song was pretty much all Keith.The original title was "Rotten Roll."Richard's vocals were double-tracked to make them stand out.The first bit of the song is about the drug death of Richard's friend Gram Parsons.An engineer named Dave Jordan helped mix this song. He went on to work with groups like The Specials and The Pogues.

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