Saturday, November 26, 2011

No Embellishments Here: Finally Something to Compare = What a Weekend. ..

As "Sid the Kid" Crosby comes back to the Pittsburgh Penguins and NHL I've percolated some nice memories that because of Sid's comeback, I can compare. ..
No Embellishments Here: Mario's '93 comeback in Phili + all girls Harcum College = MAGIC

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so i met this girl on the telephone by accident when she called our place in West College actually for a friend in the hockey house next door. .. i find myself going to Phili w/ a friend who lived off Phili's Main Line and that was my destination so I could meet-up with this girl on the phone and hang out at the all girls Harcum College on Phili's main line. .. After a fun night as an overnight (snuck-in) guest at Harcum with a couple lovely coed hosts = the next morning in Coma from teh drinks I had  the nite before my hockey friend informs me that his dad's car dealership has season tix and why not catch the Phili Vs. Pittsburgh game? It would be fun + he heard Mario was returning to the ice after a recent absence. .. Sure, why not? The way the sun was coming into the Spectrum on this hockey afternoon was just looking so cool, so right, while I washed away my Coma with ice cold beers. .. Seeing Mario on the ice was always magical. .. And, I knew it was there = the energy. .. At one point, my MainLine Phili friend said, "man, you better calm down.  ..these fans aren't gonna like it." ... "It's OK, man." I felt just as safe as I did "sneaking" into the space outside the doors of  the Penguins locker-room in the Civic Arena as a kid = seeing familiar faces looking over me while I wait for Pat Price, Paul Baxter, Mike Bullard, George Feurgoson, Bobby Simpson --- and just as safe as I felt skating the little rink in Mt. Lebennon H.S. one-on-one with Pat Price @ the Ken Schinkel Hockey School . .. "It's OK, man," I replied = I knew the magic was there.
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