Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wilco - I Might

was i wrong
off all night long
so high
as the stinking sun
i came alive
then i felt
oh uh oh
some guys
have everything i know
it's alright
i've done a lot of
crawling around outside
(and i heard)
it's alright

Your sno-cone
and it's piss and blood
it's in the cards
(oh, oh)
get well soon
do all lies
have a taste?
let it go
i don't know oh..
a cow's neck
bad shave
in the low blow slo-mo
it's alright
you won't set the kids on fire
oh but i might

You come on
if the solar car's coming
i'm home
The Magna Carta's
on a SLim Jim blood
the sunk soul
with the coal clean toe
is the muthal
yea. that's right
when you find out
i'm all inside
you still might

it's all right
it's all right

it's alright
you won't set the kids on fire
oh but i might

it's all right
it's all right

Last nite on the back porch while listening to an NPR interview with Mark Olson and Gary Louris on the new and, with patients & understanding, long awaited Jayhawks album --- And they were politely honestly answering the tough questions of a soundingly smart & cute female interviewer - commenting how not having the big hit on the radio and being bigger than what they had become is probably the reality of their longevity and beautiful rabid fanbase = Well, even though Wilco's new album is strangely on the Billboard charts upon its release - I think this odd premise rings true for them too. .. (like a couple others we may know, Ho). ..

This video of Wilco frotman Jefff Tweedy makes me smile and compelled me to grab the heavy Ralph Lauren whiskey drinking glass and my acoustic six string guitar and hit the back porch so I too can smile like this. .. Mike, so how about those bass players who play guitar??? (first few seconds do focus into a sure shot)

Best of the Roses,
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