Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thank You for All Your Support (Or At Least Reading)

Thank you for all your support - those who have supported me with compliments, flattery and encouragement - those who have followed me in admiration or to mock me (at least to mock me you read me a bit and viewed my posts and gossiped about me).
However I am now fueled by challanges and triumphs everyday that revolve around my real job as director of business development which I am thankful and grateful for = and truly love = and truly love what it's all about.
I am a busy man. My grandmother Rose (both were Roses) always said "the devil makes work for idle hands."
Therefore I will no longer be posting or writing in emails to media outlets.
The mystrawhat.com project and The New Everyday Media projects have been fun and I think there was a lot of good there (even if misunderstood by some).
I may post on FaceBook here and there but that will be more or less to say "hello" to friends.
Thanks again.
Sincerely, John

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