Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Barrette

Christmas barrette on a pretty fine girl
I was thinking about something I'd probably regret
Everyday weaving the holiday season tapestry
Living the scene we were lit up like a Christmas Tree
Everybody gathering to be seen to see the music at the next show
No matter where you came from or where tomorrow grows
We cross many roads and rivers - going under bended bare trees -
There's snow in the December air not just in the eastern seaboard
But where there's magic you can feel it in the air from the backstage
Musicians to the guys at the door - carrying equipment together -
Drinking a ton of free beer on the house like the night before -
Did you have a chance to see him in the living area upstairs at a
Naked and bruised piano he could easily handle out of tune -
What a star on the Christmas Tree - it looks like him, you & me
Just like the day before New Year's Eve in Chicago along the shore
Looking at the city --- Yeah, all have traveled to get here for the show
Through the magic in the air down hills and roads and under a canopy of
Bare winter trees -passed corners and open fields and tall buildings where
There's always writing on the wall - graffiti and all - we make the magic a
Few people share and see in a girl at a show with a Christmas barrette in her hair

Saturday Morning - December 19, 2009

Best of Christmas Roses,

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