Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wolf Hollow Inn

water flowing over creek rocks

through rolling valleys of fertility

the Inn was nestled in the dichotomy

of sacred wealth and secret trees, hills,

and tiny watchful eyes that crawl around

and over this beautifully harsh terrain


on the property of the Wolf Inn, surveying

and pondering the environment, he saw the eyes

of the predators that took away babes, good dogs,

old men & lost boys in the night away from campfires

and sometimes even in the translucency of daylight


at one time it was a place fit for cunning brutality

- a place of wolf and of man

- wolves and men

-         guns and the law


now the wolves need just as much protection as we do

and thank God our Federal Government knows much of

wolves and men



Best of the Roses,

John French

written June 26 - June 27, 2009





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