Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bridge to Love

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 if I were like J.T. or like the Jonas Brothers I'd sing this song I dreamt for you ...
"a Bridge to Love"
I had to build a bridge
just in order to get to you
And now that I did
I've walked myself acorss
And what a happy man
am I
A happy man am I
What a happy man am I
Oh, girl,
how I need your love
And, oh, girl,
yeah, it's been rough
My world,
is now so complete ....
a happy man am I
(and I need your love everyday)
a happy man am I
(and, girl, I need you everyday)
a happy man am I
(I'll be there for you too, everyday) ....
written March 3, 2009
Best of the Roses,

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