Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy HalloWEEN

Rare video for "Captain Fantasy" from Ween's The Pod album
Ween is a band from New Hope, Pennsylvania in Bucks County .... It's a great town situated along the Delaware and known for having one of the top ten most scenic routes in the U.S.
Ween has taken themselves and listeners on many routes while rocking coast to coast in the U.S. and abroad (Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe).
They are prolific little pricks - putting out many songs and albums and almost always on tour - in some sort.
If you are in New Hope, happenstance may assist you in finding the boys at John & Peter's = as it did in aiding to my pleasant stay in New Hope.
Dean and Gene Ween are truly delightful lads as well as the rest of the band and crew.
Moreover, if you do not care for them, then you, sir, are worse than Hitler. Or, maybe even "undecided."

Best of New Hope Roses,

John French


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