Friday, April 4, 2008

"What a Long Strange Trip It's Been" ...

13 to 14 years old =
The summer Gianni French turned 14 yrs old
in 1984.
Yes, I was only 13 to 14 yrs old here.
No shit.
For verification, find a Quigley Catholic High School year book
where it would have me as a freshmen (which I entered the freshmen class in Sept '84)
I can think of at least one everyday media personality who has one.
Oh, hair by Luigui Ceaser Curuso when his salon was in one of the old Mellon Banks in Downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Gianni French September 2, 1975 1st Day of Kindergarten

Outside My Parent's Home In the Drive

...Gianni French just sitting around the family dining room table after dinner

with my older brother & four older sisters. I was probably like 8 here so like '78

Little Gianni French out of the country at age two in 1972

Gianni French somewhere on my parent's property and probably around kindergarten

w/ my plaid pants, Mt. Gallitzin Academy sweat shirt and Pittsburgh Pirate baseball cap

In my parent's courtyard probably summer in between first and second grade so like summer 1976

Summertime w/ my first grade friend, Katie, the summer inbetween first & second grade


W/ the First Dog I Ever Knew and Loved...

Our Family Dog Named, April

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Unknown said...

Great pictures! Brings back memories. Loved April too!