Wednesday, March 5, 2008

first acceptance into a reputable Film Festival

We have our first acceptance into a reputable Film Festival. Yes! Yes, the full length documentary film that I am working on along with Evan Edelist ("Hollywood Emmy Guy"), Liz Berlin of Rusted Root and Mike Speranzo (Mr. Small's Theatre-Recordings-Skatepark and also an excellent musician and lucky man being married to Liz and just celebrating that union this past Monday). The film is called Creative-Life-Support which is the name of the holding company Mike & Liz have but also the philosophy behind the organic seeds they've planted in the community to give-back and watch take-off into a beautiful bud and in-bloom.

Our trailer is "popping" and pleasing to all of us (which is tough to do).

I like the trailer because it's not too long like many others I've seen. It has a even flow that builds and captivatingly grabs you while telling a story w/ images and brief "omnipotent" narration. It's allegorical but not in an exact sense of perfect story telling w/ images and leaves some room & freedom for interpretation = And, it's defintely stimulating...

Thank you Pittsburgh Filmakers and Three Rivers Film Festival!!!

And, thank you Evan Edliest, Liz Berlin and Mike Speranzo.

(Evan - thanks for breaking out the "Plum Card" last night).

Best of Organic Pink & Red Roses,
John French
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