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Palestra.Net: Not Just for College Kids = Beyond University ....

OK, so, yeah... We'd all like to go back to University ... sure ...
--- Even for me where Penn State University and State College didn't seem so big anymore and seemed to close-in on me and I couldn't wait to get out of town and go chill out some where for a while to really digest it all and clear my head to truly move on = I've been back to Happy Valley at aleast once a year since then ...
There's something about the energy of University that's so sexxy in every way that people everywhere love it and miss it and oft times try and get back to it or recapture it and someway ...
For me it was where the immaterial and material world collided and blended like a "French '77" from the Adams Apple @ The Tavern in good old State College, PA
After catching Tiffany Wilson on Fox & Friends Weekend and then googling, I was pleasantly surprised by most of what I found. The content is well organized, savvy and, at times, even presented in a "popping" fashion.
Of course, just as my wife automatically assumed the reason why I was intersted in a college oriented site ...
it's like's founders, workers, reporters, staff and contributors just couldn't get enough and needed to find a brilliant, mature, rational way to stay-in-touch and live the lifestyle we all still dream about = and make a decen't, credible, respectable living doing so...
Isn't life grand when it's not what you do or who you are that defines you = but how you do what you do? is beyond University ...
For me it's like the college world and the real world has collided and blended like a "French '77" from the Adams Apple @ The Tavern in good old State College, PA is the college network-- an online home for everything college students care about. From music to sports, news, entertainment, politics, fashion and even weather, our network of paid student reporters covers it all.
The network was founded in 2006 by a group of former local TV sports guys in Columbus, OH who realized that the media was moving away from the half-hour evening TV newscast to an online and on-demand world.
The goal was simple: build a network of on-campus reporters that would provide students an opportunity to work as paid journalists, while creating unique, entertaining and diverse content for an audience of their peers.
Today, the network has grown to nearly 100 schools and more than 120 student reporters. Reporters have covered every BCS bowl game, college basketball's Final Four, the Super Bowl, the Sundance Film Festival, the Bonarroo Music Festival and events held by every major 2008 presidential candidate. Our student reporters have filed stories from all 48 continental states. is a content partner of Fox News Channel and Fox Business Channel providing student reporters opportunities to appear on both TV networks.
Beginning in late summer 2008, will launch a content partnership with Fox Sports Interactive, providing our reporters one more national platform on which to showcase their work.
This fall, reporters from some of the nation's best business schools will begin covering campus-related business stories for and the Fox Business Channel.
Tiffany Wilson
Tiffany Wilson, 23, a graduate managing editor of the college journalist Web site, has appeared on the Fox News Channel more than 50 times in the past year, frequently to talk about the election. “Young people want to see their peers on television,” she said.

Tiffany Wilson in FLA

Tiffany Wilson brings you the news from Northwestern's beautiful lakefront.Tiffany Wilson and Brent Swails bring the news.

Tiffany Wilson and Shelby Holiday = HOT = A+++ +++(+)

Shelby Holiday: Thumbs-UpShelby Holiday and Rod Smith

Shelby Holliday has your San Diego weekend sports update.'s student reporter Shelby Holiday chronicles the joys of traveling on her way out to Columbus.
Recent San Diego grad Shelby Holliday blogs about her packing adventures as she gets ready to hit up Europe!
Shelby Holiday reporting from St. Paul, MN (2008-08-31 16:00:12)

The Blog
The Blog chronicles the adventures of a Palestra reporter. From exotic trips to some not so pleasant locations, our team reports constantly from the field. You will get a behind the scenes look at the workings of


(although I could care less about the other four topical liners this fifth one gained my respect)


Name: Ric Winkler
Position: Director of Technology & Engineering
College: Penn State University
Major: BS Electrical Engineering
Hometown: Washington, DC
Ric Winker is the director of technology and engineering for Ric is a graduate of Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. He lives in Washington, D.C.

Music/Creative Department

Name: Dan Hoffman
Position: jump video cut / graphics semi colon / creative please
University and Graduation date: Ohio University / May 2003
Major: Video Production, specializing in Art & Journalism
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

After packing a 1993 Isuzu Amigo full of what was left of Dan’s college experience, he headed to Columbus, Ohio to work in the mind-numbing, non-creative world of corporate video. In efforts to escape this world, Dan spent his free time making music videos for local artists and exploring the world of online video. Jeff Hopson, a good friend and BBQ enthusiast, was aware of Dan’s creative appetite and introduced him to ... a place that welcomed creativity, passion, and a DIY attitude. Finally, Dan was given the opportunity to wear a tool belt and use a hammer. From here on out, Dan joined a team of people everyday to build the sweetest tree house possible. Now, Dan spends his free time exploring hot sauce, cooling off with a pale ale, and standing next to his lady friend, Robin.

Best of University Roses, John French $$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$

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