Tuesday, September 2, 2008

KAPPA DELTA Sister = Lara Spencer of The Insider: Former "Lady Lion" diver = (and that helps explain the Smoking Red HOT body) ...

Born as Lara Christine Von Seelen, Spencer is a native of Garden City, New York. She was a competitive diver and graduated in 1991 from Penn State University, where she studied communications.
As was my wife who graduated in 1994 Lara Christine Von Seelen - Spencer was a
KAPPA DELTA - (my wife was a freshman when she was a senior = and I was at Marquette University and did not transfer into PSU until 1992).
Coach scores Brownie points
By KATE BLASCHAKCollegian Sports Writer


Former Lady Lion diver Lara von Seelen, a 1991 graduate, is an ABC news correspondent. She attributes her television success to Craig Brown's influence on her life.
"I had no confidence when I got to Penn State," von Seelen said. "I was so insecure. But his belief in me was contagious -- he was the best coach of my life."
Von Seelen's mother, Carolyn, agrees wholeheartedly that her daughter's confidence on television stems from Brown. The emotion is very apparent when speaking of her daughter's former coach.
"I think he is one of the finest men you could ever meet," she said. "He gives kids direction -- he is a coach and a friend."
The way that Brown has touched Lara von Seelen's life is the reason he has stayed in a profession that gives him minimal free time and very little in the way of financial rewards. Even though he doesn't like to make plans for too far in the future, Brown said he'll definitely remain a fixture around the Penn State pool for quite a while. He knows that as long as he continues to make a difference in his diver's lives than everything he puts into his career is worth it.

Lara Spencer (born June 19, 1969) is the New York City-based co-host of the syndicated television newsmagazine The Insider. Spencer has hosted its sister program, Entertainment Tonight. She also hosted Antiques Roadshow on PBS for the 2004 and 2005 seasons. She also has a segment airing semi-regularly on Rachael Ray titled "The Dish"

Spencer began her career at WDEF in Chattanooga. She also had stints reporting for ABC News' Good Morning America, Cablevision's News 12 Long Island and was an anchor and reporter for WABC-TV's Eyewitness News.
Recently, she has filled-in as co-anchor on CBS News The Early Show.

Lara Spencer has a totally Smoking RED HOT body = A+++ +++(+)
...being a "Lady Lion" diver must have helped cultivate it...

Lara Spencer Takes Over Insider Hosting Duties
Lara Spencer has signed a multi-year deal to be the sole host of the syndicated entertainment news series The Insider beginning in the fall. Along with the hosting duties, Spencer will move to Los Angeles, where the show will be based. The show will also appear in high definition starting in September.

THE INSIDER is produced and distributed by CBS Television Distribution in Studio City, Calif. Linda Bell Blue is Executive Producer. Lara Spencer is Anchor; Pat O'Brien, Victoria Recano, Cojo, and Cheryl Woodcock are Correspondents. CBS Television Distribution is a unit of CBS Corp.

...even though I am a Julie Chen man when it comes to CBS, because Lara Spencer has such an engaging & dynamic delivery when it comes to verbal and non verbal communications = and the fact that my wife, one of Lara's KAPPA DELTA sisters, liked her at Penn State University and still finds her likable = I am considering Lara Spencer for my 2009 Top Hottest 75 Women of the New Everyday Media on http://www.mystrawhat.com/ for my next e-book: the New Everyday Media to be released during the first part of the new year ............

Best of September Roses, John French
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I remember her from a martha Stewart episode. where is the early Chattanooga footage ?? tv people have to start somewhere

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Pretty Lady.

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We are......Penn State