Monday, April 7, 2008

Fox & Friend's Brian Kilmeade: An Out of the Box Idea Man for The New Everyday Media

F&F's Brian Kilmeade Suggests a "Top 10 Hottest Men of Everyday Media" which would be based on bravado, ruggedness and yet modern-day "metro" appeal, articulation, objectiveness and maybe most desirable by counterpart female co-hosts

- I really can't believe he said this on "live" TV when there's so much real NEWS that's so intriguing these days - but, he's Brian Kilmeade and that's why I think he's genius and one of the most entertaining male hosts of everyday media ...

Yeah, really though, when he mentioned this on "live" TV, I was actually thinking what a little

hottie Gretchen Carlson has turned into = A+++(+)

Apparently this was an April Fool's joke on me but, hey man, when Brian Kilemade comes-up w/ one of his out-of-the-box, cutting edge ideas of the new everyday media, I listen.

Brian, I've already started the list man.

Best of the Roses, John French

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