Sunday, August 11, 2013

Art / Reality = New Performance Poetry by BIGnewEdayMedia

so on my own private time I have been working on some spoken word poetry + guitar playing = Art / Reality. ...

The kind that provokes change! ... the kind of improvisational guitar playing in the key of tight classics live "Hard to Handle" "Good Lovin'" "RoadHouse Blues" "Five to One" "LA Woman" "Cocaine"

The kind of spoken poetry, guitar playing mixed with NewMedia (using facebook, twitter, blog web site). ...

The kind that might make some #cowboy ("Ranger Rick" / a real George Zimmerman) wanna come-up and say "hey"... or some woman who just hates life anyway waste time & resources with her "squeaky wheel gets the grease" motto = calling the cops repeatedly trying to get herself a "warranted" investigation (she can brag about to all her followers).


Pardon Jim Morrison

e.g. Art misunderstood by the State of Florida AT FIRST then a full pardon by the governor after Morrison's famous death

(Too bad I quit smoking cigarettes because the hand rolled 100% Oragnic non preservatives and additives Natural American Spirit tobacco certainly seemed to attract attention from certain neighbors looking for trouble)

"You're All A Bunch Of Fucking Idiots" - Jim Morrison + Obama "intercept" & "total absorption" moves

Jim Morrison w/ the Doors in Miami, Florida doing his performance art "Living Theatre" (listen here to what had people "think" he needed to be busted for)

    DR. Sanjay Gupta CNN admits the truth tonight Aug 11th after an in depth investigation = finally (and some old media viewers who will probably be dead soon and no longer able to vote are OUTRAGED)

Tune in or be square :)

Best of the Roses but not rose colored glasses,

john alan conte jr.
the new everyday media

BIGnewEdayMedia coming soon to (featuring original poetry & top hottest of new everyday media 2014)

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