Saturday, August 10, 2013

a Sketchy Draft as Grand Architect of Draft1 for BIGnewEdayMedia's #CowboyVampires

She got blonde hair and baby blue eyes

And when those eyes look up at me

When I got her on her knees, well, it’s

Hard. Real hard and I end-up saying Yes.

She secretly holds the power and I can’t

Live without her – I’ll do anything she says

So when she said maybe I could get a raise

A nice increase in pay for a job well done

Or maybe a transfer to up in the Heights

Ah – now that would be living real nice

Closer to that old “grand architect”

Looking for a suspect – lookin’ to suspect

I need an easy mark I can first suspect

Then I’ll turn him to a #target assign him

Some value and get my results I need

I’ll strike the right keys at the company store

I know it’s like stealing but like cleaning money

You just construct a parallel – work backward

And it’s a complicated case under investigation

Oh, but what I never knew was the real rules

Of a due process of constitutional law – I’m no

Lawyer so I swear I’m now just a played pawn

My neck sticking so far out like a catch of #88

My childhood hero #PittsburghSteeler Lynn Swann

Why let me have access to roll the #DICE

If there’s a chance we’re snowed-in we may get buried alive

Now I am just a cowboy and got an ace of spades to play
Thanks to you I got 3 more aces up my sleeve this very day
What?! What can be a matter – I was told it wouldn’t go wrong
Fuck! Come’ on man, it always looks like this kid just hit a bong!
On TV I heard it said “it’s not like we’re listening to your conversations”
Oh & then I knew I was dead. It was dead. I was now dead at that play
And if I didn’t leave this alone I’d be left to roam as a #cowboyvampire
A man without a home, a name, made into just a number on a plane
I’d have to go there when they called – no questions ever – I’d be made
Into one of them – made into one of them living in the shadows of a dusty
Tumble#weed high plains where I’d never understand just what I’ve done
It’s a danger that water poses – when you go off the deep end for her –
She’s insane. Like a wicked witch subject to an architect = of a mousetrap
Incentives became my motives and #everyday U.S. Citizens became my crime
 "And I would've got away with it if it wasn't for those pesky kids of #BIGnewEdayMedia"

Best of the Roses but not rose colored glasses,

john alan conte jr.
the new everyday media

BIGnewEdayMedia coming soon to (featuring original poetry & top hottest of new everyday media 2014)

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