Thursday, May 1, 2008

RE: Liz looks like a beautiful *spring day from Western PA

seeing Liz Claman liberated from behind the dreary desk and now in full light reminded me of how I knew she had a spark ... Well, she knows French ... And, the way she fired-back this email while "on air" really fucking impressed me ... She's so alive & hot = A+++ +++(+)

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Subject: RE: Liz looks like a beautiful *spring day from Western PA
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 12:37:51 -0500

Thank you so much! I just came back from skiing in Colorado so maybe that put a "spring" in my step too!
thanks for watching,
Liz Claman
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Subject: Liz looks like a beautiful *spring day from Western PA

Liz looks like a beautiful spring day from Western PA
Liz as I gaze upon the TV tower fresh out of the cast iron claw foot tub that sits in our big bathroom made to look like a San Franciscan Victorian style hotel bath suite - I'm listening to Ryan Adams Heart-breaker CD in the middle of our luxuriant king -
Spring is in the air - Sun shine is bending our way to reach and warm us - The rebirth of the vines and its sweet beautiful and unforgotten fruit for wines and jams and juice so fine - And we think of baby chicks and ducks and colored eggs w/ kind designs -
And from here where I am you look like a beautiful spring day, my dear -
Thank you for for adding to my morning in a positive way - by example of what it is to be a hard working figure w/ class and eloquence w/ in the parameters of everyday media -
J. French
*pittsburgh, pa.

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