Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Congratulations! Red Eye Has 300th Show = A+++ +++

Sure, there are allot of people out there that a). conjure up the image of an all night airplane ride until the early morn; someone stoned drunk; someone w/ bad allergies or an infection of the eyes when hearing "Red Eye" and; moreover, b). many, many people are probably asking, "how the h-e-double-toothpicks did Red Eye make it this far - I thought Fox News Channel would have yanked it off the air by now!?"

Well, you should be asking that question to yourself and aloud!!!

The reason why Red Eye has made it this far is because "the times - they are a changing" and there is a need for such programming because of people like me. People who want something edgy but NOT corny like the ill fated "Half Hour Hour News Show" and allot of "late night" but still everyday relevant with a hard, fast passed everyday flow that gets you thinking, smiling and laughing - all shrink wrapped in organic banana leaves instead of plastic.

Red Eye shows are definitely not individually shrink wrapped Velveeta slices - but rather a nice L'Edel de Cléron from the Franche-Comte` region of France --- Something for people who want and need a little more out of everyday life than the sugar coated headlines w/ a kiss on the forehead and a patt on the bummy.

To further illustrate my point about the importance of Red Eye's 300th show = The main guest of honor was Brian Kilmeade: "The Genius Juice Behind Fox News Channel" and co-host of Fox & Friends and Brian & the Judge and author of the NY Times Best Seller: The Games Do Count. Brian worked his way-up at Fox News from being hired in the mailroom w/his only experience in the workplace being a Sears catalog underwear model and "working" at his family's bar on Long Island to this everyday media superstar on the most watched #1 Cable News Show in the world.

As well as Brian Kileamde being a confidant to the likes of Simon Cowell - I am proud to say he his my MySpace friend.

Of course Greg Gutfeld is the savvy genius of Red Eye, however, co-hosts, Bill Schulz and Andy Levy are both "dyno-mite!" in their own right and add comedic insight and witty commentary for the show.

And to further demonstrate the success of Red Eye, I just read in the The National Enquirer that there are plans in the work by E! for a Red Eye "True Hollywood Story." Apparently, rumors have it that Vegas has shifted its bets from "how long Red Eye will last?" to "who will be the first to die: Greg, Bill or Andy?" -given their "lifestyle" choices that are reported to be spinning out of control due to the fame and hectic stress from cult celebrity.

Yes, Red Eye has a huge cult-following among not only hipsters in the media industry but everyone in the mass media industry with a brain. And then there are all the rockstars on & off the road who watch everyday as well as all the KDR Frats and Tri-Delt sororities all across the U.S. --- Moreover, in general, all of Canada watches, all of England (Prince Harry and Amy Winehouse are big fans), Barack Obama and Tasmania. This listing accounts for most of the 909,000 viewers world wide.

Best of Tasmanian Roses, John French mystrawhat.com

P.S. I'll edit later and try and correct typos, spelling, grammar, etc. but now I have to "walkie to Milwaukee" w/ a very patient little-big Lhasa Apso named Parker Bean

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