Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Bob Weir's Gifts as Guitarist & Singer: Creatively Creating Space & Time


My response to Bobby's (Bob Weir's) Facebook post = video of rehearsal for "Going Down The Road Feeling Bad" with Avett Brothers :



Fantastic! Wonderful rendition Bob Weir and I love how your guitar solo really showcases your genuine genius in voicing & phrasing playing creating space (what busy poets & musicians need keeping tight schedules with the public and all)! But I've also noticed you not only have the gift of creating space with your guitar playing but with your singing too -- it reminds me of how Thelonius Monk would play with time & space playing piano -- and not a lot of players can play along with that kind of play as a lot of players think every single measure has to be filled-up with notes (fast & hard). But, you, Bobby! "go, Bobby, go!" .... after a RatDog gig in Pittsburgh in Burgettstown, Pa where my buddies Rusted Root opened for you I caught a glimpse of you after your show in your dressing room and you were smoking a cigarette and there was the Elvis "gun slinger" Andy Warhol silver screen print canvas behind you = And that was one of the most memorable rock & roll moments in a pretty good life filled with pretty good moments that I will never ever forget! Thanks Bobby and #KeepOnKeepingOn

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