Friday, February 28, 2014

Exercising self control & self discipline = #freedom_to_self_edit

John Alan Conte` Jr. @NewEdayMedia:
Exercising self control & self discipline does have its advantages just weighed in to see if kept gradual weight loss off?!?.

John Alan Conte` Jr. @NewEdayMedia:
& I lost good bit more! Whoo-who-who-who! I show up @ Clearly Pilates

I wanna go from me looking good like me now

to looking like this again In This Place: a book of the Nineties
poetry by John Alan Conte` Jr. (coming soon to after launch of my latest e-book #BIGnewEdayMedia2014)

 taken at the home of my father Attorney John A. Conte
of the  Law Firm Conte, Melton & D'Antonio which used to be Conte, Courtney & Melton

small steps for big goals = success
(don't be afraid)

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