Saturday, February 22, 2014

America's Equivalent to the "Arab Spring" = why privileged Americans need punished?

Q: people in public places who magically seem to know they are on camera where someone is trying to successfully play connect the dots for their own political narrative that they feel arrogant enough to enforce like a “spring” to punish the privileged
( “accidentally” had a “typo” in my first query & misspelled #privileged = BTW, veranda is my font for this post i'm playing a hunch and using it)  


1. Martial Arts Archives
James Wesley Rawles
Sep 22, 2013 - I've been told by guys who should know what they're talking about, that kicking or ... Sometimes trying to pry out of someone's grip isn't using your best resources. ..... No matter what I feel all people should take a look back at their roots and ...... looks like as the combat is taking place right before the camera.

2.   Anchor Rising: Culture Archives
Of course they didn't want it badly enough to put down their light sabres and .... "We don't want anything political because someone might then try to shut us ... peoplethat their public expression of religious belief — on their own property and .... Just because they're far apart, the outfield can't dream or play she-loves-me-not  ...

3.   Full text of "Harper's magazine" - Internet Archive
Internet Archive
But considering the accident thej^ were involved in, they don't seem to mind. .....People t nk that they're supposed to know wht;:il is and what it means, and .....Although publicly antiwar, they are not against war to further their own aims. ...... I'm quite sure he doesn't like me — how aid he like someone who tells him to shut up  ...

4.   U.S. Media: Mainstream Who Is Calm? An introduction: http://www ...
Amusingly enough, through other programs, the U.S. government is also spending ....But that requires someone who will level with the people. ... Like the boy who cried wolf, someday they're going to tell the truth, and no one will believe them. .... to redresstheir own economic hardship by looting public buildings and private  ...

 America's Equivalent to the "Arab Spring" = why privileged Americans need punished?

Can't we all get along like ants in one BIG union?

Gosh, sometimes it feels like we're placed in this parallel construct ... 

Best of Spring Roses,

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