Friday, August 2, 2013

#Obama + #Putin = "Vodka Summit" sponsored by #SpyVodka (a company of #Clooney & #Damon)

@markknoller: Will Pres Obama agree to a summit with Pres Putin in Moscow in Sept? "We are evaluating the utility of a summit," says Carney.

@NewEdayMedia: @markknoller the vodka summit = sponsored by #spyvodka

@NewEdayMedia: @thedailybeast fake rumor for #GeorgeClooney fake spy movie = Clooney & #MattDamon R #SpyVodka company sponsoring new #Obama + #Putin summit
George Clooney busted for holding #weed claims against his individual & minority rights! Says pot is the new "gay rights" and it's now a civil rights - human rights issue he will fight after release of his new #SpyMovie 2013 ...
Clooney has support from colleague & partner in #SpyVodka, Matt Damon also with a new film
Damon insists along with Clooney that Clooney was a victim of #Suspiciousless #Targeting which must stop as a practice for meeting quotas for prison system (where some big prison kingpin pays handsomely for fresh piece of ass from the outside + a little celebrity = #ValuedTarget)... "this sick practice must stop & surely isn't legal, ask Snowden," Clooney comments.
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