Tuesday, November 18, 2008

End of an Era for Drunk Sorority Pledges as Playgirl Moves Out of Print: They Couldn’t Get Past the ‘Mimbos’

Michelle V. Agins/The New York Times

A DREAM FOLDS From left, Corinne Weiner, Jessanne Collins and Nicole Caldwell sought to include more articles (along with the nudity) in Playgirl magazine. It will soon be Web only.
Lonely housewives and discriminating gay men will be sad to know that Playgirl magazine has decided to cease publishing in print.
The glossy soft-porn magazine will publish its last print issue in November before converting to an online-only format.
The revamped Playgirl.com website will feature more videos and pictorials and less editorial content, according to Nicole Caldwell, the magazine’s editor-in-chief.
“Playgirl is going all-Web,” Caldwell said in an email to MediaBistro.com.
“The last print issue will be the Jan/Feb 2009 magazine, which comes out Nov. 18.”
Playgirl Magazine debuted as the women’s alternative to soft-porn men’s magazines in 1973.
Although originally designed with the feminist in mind, the magazine quickly grew a gay male fan base as well.
Playgirl features pictorials of nude and seminude men in erotic poses, accompanied by articles on sex, lifestyle topics and celebrities.
Although marketed to women, Playgirl estimated in 2003 that gay men made up to 50 percent of the magazine’s readership, according to a report by Multichannel News.
The magazine has been published in numerous languages over the years, featuring international editions in Germany, France, Australia, Great Britain and the Netherlands.
Although celebrity pictorials are not frequent in Playgirl, the magazine has published nude and seminude photos of such Hollywood stars as Brad Pitt, Kevin Sorbo, Marcus Patrick, Fabian, Keith Urban and Scott Bakula.
Several openly gay models have also appeared within the magazine’s pages, including Playgirl’s 30th Anniversary centerfold Brian Dawson.
NOT long after Nicole Caldwell became editor in chief of Playgirl magazine, she realized that looking at photos of naked men all day was not everything she had imagined it would be. When she would meet them, there was often a curious vapidity to the men, who Ms. Caldwell took to describing as “mimbos.”
Readers, Ms. Caldwell decided, deserved more.
So she and her fellow editors, all women in their 20s and all relative neophytes to the world of magazines — and pornography — resolved to fill Playgirl with something different. They aspired to bring Playgirl back to its roots, back to a time when the magazine covered issues like abortion and equal rights, interspersing sexy shots of men with work from writers like Raymond Carver and Joyce Carol Oates.
All the while, the editors juggled the demands of the publisher, Blue Horizon Media, which they said pushed to fill Playgirl with even more nudes and fewer words.
“It always felt like this uphill battle,” said Jessanne Collins, 29, who was Playgirl’s senior editor.
The women’s dreams crashed when Blue Horizon Media, which also puts out hard-core magazines, announced it was shutting Playgirl. The last issue, dated January/February 2009, recently arrived on newsstands.
Although the Playgirl Web site is still running, the graphic content is geared more toward gay men. None of the magazine’s editors are involved.
Ms. Caldwell said Playgirl magazine suffered from the twin malaises of rising costs and declining sales; Blue Horizon Media did not return repeated calls for this article.
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Dear Greg, Bill and Andy "Blue Eyes" ...,

Last nite's Red Eye w/ Alison Camerota, Jim Thorton and the L.A. Dude was awesome.

Does that L.A. Dude like always have some Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco in his mouth when he does your show? ...because it sure looks like he has a chew-in.

Oh, yeah, and, well, of course, that Nicole Caldwell is pretty hot and sharp too = I like how she used "everyday" and "every single day" in her interview w/ you = People who say that are cool.

And, she's hot too. I know you, Jim, Alison, Bill and Andy are more into viewing pics of the men of Playgirl, but I like seeing Nicole Caldwell being interviewed on your show.

If hot and sharp while interviewed on Red Eye were a plate of stuffed shells w/ home made sauce, I'd lick her clean.

Thank You.

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